We are

We are passionate for ideas that can make a difference in the life of millions and we like to imagine things and scenarios that do not exist and we love to make the journey to get there.

One of the factors that brought us together is that we love to learn new things every single day! It gave us the opportunity to learn a lot of different “dialects” within the technical and business “languages” and it gives us the ability to increase the speed of our learning process. Ultimately, our motivation comes from the idea that we can constantly be learning. This concept allows us to be humble enough to understand that every idea and every person can have the potential to impact the lives of millions...

We don't give up until we understand what people are trying to tell us. We are not expecting a “ready to invest” type of project and we know we need to spend a lot of time to understand and to develop the real potential of each project. We love to shape science into business and we love early stage… especially if it's still in the lab!

We started with no money so we know the feeling of building things with very limited resources. Actually, that’s why we understand money so well… We understand its potential and we understand the timings and the amounts needed to take projects from one level to the other. In fact, we believe that the most important thing to understand about money, are in fact the ones that own it.

We are very clear about the difference between money and value and that’s why we also believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

We are independent… so we can chose with whom we work and in which ideas we bet on. This gives us the freedom to define a set of criteria that are not only based in figures but also in our set of values. We do it this way because we are here for the long run… This is our life and we are happy with it

Most of the times everyone is looking at where the spotlight is… and that will turn the subject into gold. On one hand, we believe that the potential of the projects that are within the spotlight subject is already considered in its current value (creating overvaluations) and on the other hand, the spotlight subject becomes overcrowded with a considerable share of uninteresting and opportunistic players. Ultimately we love the underdogs just because we consider that the “underdog” tag comes from a communication gap which derives into a lack of knowledge. We are not very much into trendy stuff.

We are not rookies

We are not Venture Capital

We are not consultants

We don’t own majorities

What we do

We team up with scientists

We question everything

We develop strong business cases

We know how to raise money

We are company builders

We turn science into business


advisors +


António Portela

CEO at BIAL International Pharmaceutical Group. Expertise in International Marketing and Management and widespread knowledge of the Pharmaceutical industry, Portugal.

João Claro

Assistant professor at FEUP, head of the Innovation and Technology Transfer Unit at INESC Porto, and faculty director of the COHiTEC Program at EGP-UPBS, Portugal.

Jorge Farinha

Vice-Dean at EGP-UPBS and Board member of a publicly owned company. Expertise in Financial Analysis and Mergers & Acquisitions, Portugal.

Jose Ignacio Tobón

Director at JIT Consulting, University Professor and Invited Lecturer. Expertise in Strategy, Negotiation, Innovation and Creativity, Colombia.

Pedro Vilarinho

CEO of Act (Technology Commercialization Accelerator) and coordinator of the COHiTEC program of COTEC. Assistant professor at University of Aveiro – Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, Portugal.

Renata Blanc

Assistant Professor at Oporto Faculty of Economics and EGP-UPBS. Senior Business Consultant. Expertise in accounting, auditing and management control systems, Portugal.



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